I had facial reflexology with Ruth to try and relieve my stress, headaches and neck pain. Ruth was very reassuring and relaxing, she insured I was warm enough and comfortable. She took the time to find out about my past health issues and was always asking how I have been by tracking my progress over the weeks. Ruth paid special attention on specific points of my face and used many massage techniques to relieve my stress and tension which encouraged circulation. This was done using wonderful oils and I was left feeling relieved, uplifted and my skin noticeable softer and smoother. I would highly recommend you go along and see her for a treatment.

Helen Jan 2019
I have had both foot and facial reflexology with Ruth, mainly for general relaxation, and it certainly worked! I may even have been snoring... I have had both treatments before with other reflexologists and so have something to compare Ruth’s treatments with and I can’t recommend her enough. She is confident and creates a quiet and professional atmosphere and explains clearly the connection between what she feels in relation to other parts of the body. I will definitely return to Ruth for further treatments. It certainly made me consider how important it is to find time to have such treatments, I have a fairly stressful job and I know how hard it is to ever find time to fully relax but also how bad this is for us, and this is certainly a way to achieve this.

Olivia Oct 2018
I’ve always been wary of reflexology because I have incredibly ticklish feet! But Ruth put my mind completely at ease and I couldn’t have enjoyed my treatment more. The whole experience of a treatment with Ruth is so relaxing from the first consultation to the comfortable environment. I left feeling lighter, calmer and stress-free. I’ve had both foot and facial reflexology and can’t recommend Ruth highly enough for both treatments.
Tracy Oct 2018
My reflexology treatments with Ruth are always wonderful. A blissful and calming experience in a warm and relaxed environment. Ruth is friendly, kind and understanding and helps me to feel relaxed from the moment I arrive. I left each session with a profound sense of calmness and wellbeing. I found the treatment a wonderful antidote to a busy and stressful life.
Liz Sept 2018
My son suffers from anxiety and has problems getting to sleep. Ruth did a series of reflexology sessions over a week focussing on anxiety and sleeping. It had a fantastic effect on my son, he enjoyed it and looked forward to the sessions and it really relaxed him. For a period, it helped him to fall asleep easily at a reasonable time. If I had been able to continue regular sessions I would have, but unfortunately, we moved. I do believe it had a positive effect on my son.
My son said that he found Ruth’s reflexology very relaxing and that it helped him to calm down and sleep. He really misses it.
Laura June 2018
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